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Teen/Adult Karate Program

Our Teen/Adult program is designed for students ranging from ages 13 and up. The student will learn the Korean martial art of Tang Soo Do, which integrates the mind, body, and character.

Rockhold Karate Teen/Adult program guides each individual, fostering the ability to deal with the stresses of our society in a confident, forthright, and virtuous manner. Rockhold Karate students are given time to learn the basics and advance at their own pace. With everyone's busy work schedules and life, we ensure that our classes provide a balance of physical and mental exercise. As part of our instruction, we offer our teen and adult students training routines and exercises tailored to their physical capabilities and needs. Flexibility, strength, coordination and increased cardiovascular development are achieved during training. The development of a person's mental strength, improved concentration, self-discipline, and self-esteem are all part of the many benefits of Tang Soo Do. Tang Soo Do is especially suited for all ages because it is an integration of both hard and soft martial arts styles. The "hard style" techniques are athletic and explosive requiring strength and flexibility. The "soft style" techniques embody more meditative and contemplative virtues. The training fosters physical development that enhances muscular and skeletal systems which in turn facilitates an easier aging process.

Rockhold Tang Soo Do

Karate Sign Up Special

The first month is $99, plus a one time registration fee of $50, including uniform. One month of Unlimited Tang Soo Do classes for $149 total!

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