Rockhold Karate Kids Sparring

Cedar Park Karate Kids Program

The Rockhold Karate Kids Program is designed to meet the needs of children ages 7 to 12. The student will either begin or continue their exciting martial arts journey in the Korean Karate style of Tang Soo Do.

By learning the discipline of basic techniques, forms and self-defense while building the mental and physical stamina to demonstrate their newly acquired proficiencies.

Each child progresses at their own speed while having the opportunity to train with advanced students. Through training, the students gain confidence and competence as they learn and apply their new skills. A typical training session begins with warm-up and stretching exercises. Students then practice basic hand and foot techniques, partner drills, forms practice, self-defense techniques, and sparring.

Rockhold Tang Soo Do

Karate Sign Up Special

The first month is $99, plus a one time registration fee of $50, including uniform. One month of Unlimited Tang Soo Do classes for $149 total!

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