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Oh look, Archery!

Several years ago I was training in and teaching Haidong Gumdo, a Korean Sword Martial Art, independent of any organizations.  A fellow Sa Bom Nim in Dang Soo Do and Haidong Gumdo out in Arizona sent a message about a Korean swordsman he just hosted and that I should host him in Texas as well. You can read about the rest of it in my other blog post - way of the sword.

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Chris Rockhold

Best Startup Interview

Back in February 2022, Best Startup reached out to me for an interview for their startup business magazine. They read about my small business, Rockhold Karate somewhere and thought I would be a good fit. Of course I was honored to do it, especially if it help inspire someone with their small business startup.

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Chris Rockhold at Rockhold Karate Cedar Park

VoyageAustin Magazine Interview

About week before the surreal pandemic Thanksgiving of 2020, VoyageAustin Magazine reached out to me for an interview to be featured in their Inspiring Stories series. The series was about interviewing local entrepreneurs, creatives, and community leaders.  How cool is that! I was honored and ecstatic to do it in the midst of the hardest year ever.

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There's a Rockhold Karate app for that

"There's an app for that"

So I've been less than thrilled with Rockhold Karate's current billing service for about a year now. It started out great, taking my studio to the next level, customer service was great, and they were receptive to ideas that would improve the service. And then they became complacent and falling behind the times quickly, but at least their customer service was good. Well the problems with the system started adding up without solutions to the problems. So as a business owner it was time to pivot. I found a new up and coming company with great potential, but not quite were I needed it to be. I can be patient, in the meantime, I started putting a lot of pressure on my current vendor to take care of the problems I was having with the service.

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