Rockhold Pre-Karate Program

Cedar Park Pre-Karate Program

The Rockhold Pre-Karate program is designed for children between the ages of 4 to 6. The focus of the Rockhold Pre-Karate program is on improving your child's listening and motor skills.

This martial arts program is designed to teach children important life skills such as health of mind and body, self-defense, and basic martial art skills in a fun, exciting, and enriching manner. This program involves two key components: the physical aspect which emphasizes correct techniques to improve your child’s balance, control and coordination and the mental aspect which centers on improving concentration, discipline, and focus. Our overall goal is to build positive self-esteem and self-confidence in every child. Space is limited, so contact us for availibility.

Rockhold Tang Soo Do

Pre-Karate Sign Up Special

The first month is $99, plus a one time registration fee of $50, including uniform. One month of Unlimited Pre-Karate Kids classes for $149 total!

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